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Being a specialist in the field of prestressing and post tensioning we offer complete package and are in position to input various practical aspects of overall implementation concept

The journey of KGN as an ace contractor, has witnessed a completion of structural solutions to the utmost satisfaction of our clientele. With the changing time and expectations, KGN has been successful in keeping pace with it, by moulding our ideologies to suit the need of the hour.

We take pride in what we offer to our clients, with colossal aspirations and ambitions to complete every undertaking to ‘fill the bill’ of our project partners!

With each footing to master a striking structure, the company remains committed towards the safety of the people it has been built for.

Core Business

KGN technology beds on the principal of post tensioning where the pre-stress is permanently introduce into the structure after the concrete has hardened. This is achieved by the stressing of suitably arranged, high-strength prestressing tendons.

KGN post tensioning generates favourable stress conditions in the structure, enabling efficient use of building materials while controlling deformations under service conditions.

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